Dissertation deferral

Applications for deferrals of the Dissertation module can be made by following the Deferral procedures available at here.

Requests for deferrals should be accompanied by supporting documentation, e.g. medical certificates or other appropriate documentation which give appropriate reasons for the deferral request. Except in exceptional circumstances, all students who defer the Dissertation are expected to take a new Dissertation topic and submit a new Dissertation proposal.

Part time students who defer their dissertation within 4 weeks of the start date of the semester in which they are completing the deferral, can apply to have their fee carried over to the following semester. Except in exceptional circumstances, part time students who defer outside of this period will be expected to pay to take the Dissertation module again.

In place of deferral, students with certified medical circumstances can apply for an extension of the Dissertation deadline for the length of time of the certified illness. Students can apply for an extension through their supervisor and informing the coordinator.

The time frame to complete the MSc in Computing part-time is 6 years. A student should submit a proposal for the dissertation module within one year of completing the other modules. If a student does not do this, s/he is expected to exit with the Postgraduate Diploma (PgDip).