First meeting with supervisor

The following check list is to assist the MSc Dissertation student and their supervisor to prepare for their first meeting.


  • Email your Supervisor your proposal
  • Create a detail Table of Contents, listing out the sections for each chapter. Email this to your supervisor
    *Complete the first draft of your Chapter 1. This will be based on your project proposal.
    *Keep working on your project until you have your first meeting with your supervisor


  • Review the material forwarded by the student
  • Have a brief discussion with the dissertation coordinator
  • Familiarise themselves with the requirements of a dissertation project
  • Review previous dissertations, that relate to the student’s dissertation

Topics to Discuss & Agree at First Meeting

  • Discuss the project
  • Discuss the progress since the start of the project
  • Discuss possible issues with the project, with the experiment, evaluation, etc
  • Discuss the use of a [http://{{SERVERNAME}}/mscDissertationResources/Meeting_Log.pdf Meeting Log Report] – The student will complete this in advance of each meeting. This meeting log is just one mechanism for recording the meeting but others could be used
  • Agree on the frequency and schedule of the project update meetings (face-to-face meeting every two weeks)
  • Agree a communication plan (weekly email/phone)

Note that it is your responsibility to submit a coherent manuscript. Although your supervisor might be happy with your work, it is the final manuscript that will be examined by other lecturers. ”’So you are the only one responsible of the final mark.”’ Try to maximise the individual marks as outlined by the second criterion of the marking scheme.