Presentation of dissertation

– Your presentation will be for 15 minutes only so make sure you do not have too many slides. It will be followed by 10 minutes of questions.
– Turn up 10 minutes early just in case we are running ahead of schedule.
– There is no need to be nervous. You have done the work.
– Your presentation should focus on what work you did, what you discovered, what you learned and your recommendations. Do not focus on your literature review – those at the presentation will have read your dissertation.
– Bring your presentation on a USB key (and your laptop)
– Bring a pdf version of your presentation (in case of problems)
– The presentation schedule and location of the room will be confirmed and emailed to you a couple of days before the schedule date of the presentations.
– After your presentation you will be emailed with details of what changes you need to make to your dissertation

Recommended structure of presentation (7/10 slides)

Note: you have 15 mins for your presentation

– literature review & background (max 1 slide)
– gaps/motivation and research problem/question (1 or 2 slides)
– design and research methodologies (1 or 2 slides)
– implementation and experiments (1 or 2 slides)
– results and discussion (1 or 2 slides)
– contribution and impact (max 1 slide)
– future work and recommendations (max 1 slide)

Example of good presentations

Predicting Intake of Applications for First Registration in the Property Registration Authority

Investigating the Impact of Unsupervised Feature-Extraction from Multi-Wavelength Image Data for Photometric Classification of Stars, Galaxies and QSOs

Comparing the application of FCA and LDA to short-text classifications

An exploration of the impact of animal agriculture on human sustainable development index and the child health indicator of a nation

Support Vector Machines and Artificial Neural Networks: Assessing the Validity of Using Technical Features for Security Forecasting