Submission of dissertation for evaluation

The following check list is to assist the student to complete their dissertation for examination and preparing the electronic copy (PDF only) that must be sent to the dissertation coordinator (by email, cc-ing the supervisor).

Preparing the dissertation

– Make sure that you correctly number all pages of the dissertation.
– Make sure that the table of contents and other tables reflect the new and updated page number.
– Make sure all tables and diagrams are correctly labelled (and referenced if need be).
– Where appropriate, get a native English speaker to proof read and identify all English spelling and grammar mistakes.
– Make sure you correct all spelling and grammar mistakes in your dissertation.
– Make sure that your references are complete and full details given using the APA referencing style.
– Avoid having any blank spaces on pages where you have a diagram on the next page.
– Discuss the final version of your dissertation with your supervisor.
– Complete all changes that your supervisor has recommended.
– Sign the declaration page, to state that your dissertation is your own work.

Ensure that you comply with the plagiarism policy.

Templates (word and latex)

Submitting your electronic copy of dissertation (PDF)

– Submit an electronic copy of dissertation (pdf) by email – Note: just pdf is accepted (.doc and other formats are not taken into account)
– The filename of the pdf MUST be: StudentNumber_name_surname_MSc_thesisForEvaluation.pdf
– All dissertation material should be submitted to the Dissertation Coordinator before the deadline by email.
– Submit an electronic copy (pdf) of the plagiarism report generated
– instructions on how to generate the plagiarism report can be found here