Submission of final dissertation


The following check list is to assist the MSc Dissertation student to complete their final version of the dissertation.

You will be contacted after the presentation about what changes, if any, are needed to your dissertation.
If you do have changes to make, you should discuss these with your supervisor.
You will only have a short time period to make these changes.

– Make sure that your dissertation incorporates all the [[structure and formatting guidelines]]
– Make sure that you correctly number all pages of the dissertation
– Make sure that the table of contents and other tables reflect the new and updated page number
– Make sure all tables and diagrams are correctly labelled (and referenced if it is needed)
– Where appropriate, get a native English speaker to proof read and identify/correct all English spelling and grammar mistakes
– Make sure that your references are complete and full details given using the suggested referencing style
– Avoid having any blank spaces on pages where you have a diagram on the next page
– Complete all recommended changes, as agreed with your supervisor, if any

The Spine of the dissertation should contain

– Student Name
– Year
– MSc. in Computer Science (”specialism”)
replace ”specialism” with your MSc specialism (e.g Data Analytics, Advanced Software Development,)

The front cover of your dissertation should have

– Title of Dissertation (centred and Title Case)
-Student Name (centred and Title Case)
– MSc. in Computer Science (”specialism” (left justified, Title Case) and Year (right justified))
– You must sign and date the Declaration page of each copy of your hard-bound dissertation

Note that: Hard-bound copies of your dissertation are no longer being stored by DIT. So you are only required to print a hard bound copy of your final dissertation to your supervisors, if they request it.

Submitting Your Final Dissertation (PDF)

  • Submit the final PDF of your dissertation and all additional material to the Dissertation Coordinator before the deadline.
  • The filename of the pdf MUST be: StudentNumber_name_surname_MSc_FinalThesis.pdf

Publishing your final dissertation

If your dissertation is at a first or upper second class honours standard (i.e. =>60) it will be published (by the MSc coordinator) and made available in DIT’s institutional repository ARROW (
If you do not want your dissertation to be publicly available, please inform the Dissertation Coordinator

DO NOT upload the dissertation yourself to ARROW!

Example of top theses

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Measuring the Effectiveness of Software-Based Training to Improve the Spatial Visualization Skills of Students in STEM Disciplines in Higher Education Institutions

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