Dr. Luca Longo

PhD (AI),
MSc (CS), MSc (HI), MSc (EDU),
PgDip (STAT), PgDip (T&L),
BSc (CS)

I am very passionate for technology and research as well as enthusiastic to contribute to the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. My vision is to formalise the ill-defined construct of human Mental Workload as a computational concept.

I am a early stage scientist deeply devoted and highly passionate for science. I strive for excellence and contribution to knowledge. I am a curious person, hungry of knowledge, as my never-ending education demonstrates. Since I started my undergraduate studies, my interests have always turned around Artificial Intelligence and innovative applications, especially applied to formal reasoning and the World Wide Web. I have completed a BSc (honours) and an MSc (awarded distinction) both in Computer Science at the University of Insubria (Varese, Italy). I have obtained also a Postgraduate Diploma in Statistics and an MSc in Health Informatics (awarded distinction) at the University of Dublin, Trinity College (Ireland). Here I have also successfully defended my PhD thesis in Artificial Intelligence. Additionally, I have recently obtained a Postgraduate diploma in Learning and Teaching at the Dublin Institute of Technology, now Technological University Dublin, the largest higher education institution of Ireland, as well as an MSc in Applied e-Learning.. I am a lecturer, covering both MSc and PhD courses in Computer Science and I am the leader of a team of post-graduated talented individuals working in Artificial Intelligence.

My vision is to formalise the ill-defined construct of human Mental Workload as a computational concept through deductive knowledge representation and reasoning techniques (Defeasible Reasoning, Argumentation Theory) and inductive modelling techniques (Machine Learning), coupled with ideas coming from Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) . Field of applications includes Human-Computer Interaction, Education, NeuroScience, Universal Design.

Alongside my academic path, for the last 20 years I have been designing and developing software solutions at various levels adopting different programming languages, technologies and methodologies. Back to the nineties, my early passion for code got increasingly more vigorous and fine-grained with several experiences as software developer in international software houses. In the last decade, I have covered the position of software architect and technology leader in a couple of start-ups.

I am actively engaged in the dissemination of scientific material, as the TEDx talks below demonstrate. I have received various awards both for my reserch work and for my teaching and pedagogical practices. In 2016 I was awarded a "national teaching hero award" from the national forum of teaching and learning in Ireland. I have released interviews and appeared in local newspapers [Il Giornale di Vicenza , VareseNews , La provincia di Varese], national newspapers [Corriere della sera (Italy), Il giorno (Italy), The University Times, LaVanguardia (Spain)], international newspapers [Huffington Post, LaVanguardia ] , TVs [RTE, TV 2000, Ren.tv], news programmes [Lombardia speciale], radios and podcasts [Caterpillar - Radio 1 RAI, AI in Action ], online newspaper [Silicon Republic, Italiani Ovunque, Irlanda online, BCC-lavoce], universities [Russia, Italy, Ireland] and invited talks [ A!one Moscow , Predict 2018, Europe’s Leading Data Conference, DataScience MeetUp, GeoDirectory (Ireland), Predict 2018, Educatíon y tecnología (Spain), World congress on qualitative research (Portugal)]. Having gained invaluable education, work experience and international recognition I am now strongly motivated to revolutionise the science of mental workload, pave a new research path with a significant impact for the future societies and become a world leader in this field.