Dissertation overview

The dissertation coordinator is Dr. Emma Murphy.
Material must be submitted to emma{dot}x{dot}murphy[at]tudublin(dot)ie

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MSc award

In order to qualify for the award of an MSc. a student is required to propose, design and undertake a detailed study of a topic relevant to Computer Science, in their area of study (ASD, DA) and complete a dissertation. The student must be able to complete a body of work appropriate for a taught Master’s degree and should include an amount of originality.

Aim of dissertation

The aim of the dissertation is to enable students to apply the skills and knowledge gained during previous stages of their study to the analysis of a specific problem or issue relevant to their programme of study (SF, ASD or DA), via a substantial piece of independent work carried out over a 3 month (one semester) period. Further, the aim is for students to demonstrate proficiency in the design of a research project, application of appropriate research methods, collection and analysis of data, and presentation of results.

Dissertation manuscript

The dissertation completed will be a substantial piece of written work in the region of 70/80 pages (approx 20,000 words) of core chapters (Introduction chapter – Conclusion chapter), with a maximum page limit of 120 pages overall. There is no point in writing 100 pages if the content is weak and inconsistent. 70/80 well written pages can make a high-quality dissertation.

Examination and marks

Your dissertation will be examined by a panel of lecturers, chaired by the dissertation coordinator. The marking scheme that will be used can be found here. If you pass the dissertation and correctly submit the final version, you will be awarded a master degree at the next available graduation ceremony. If you fail you will be awarded a postgraduate diploma at the next available graduation ceremony.